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Meet Candace

Licensed REALTOR®, Landlord & Entrepreneur

Born and raised in South Jersey, I'm definitely a Jersey Girl! I'm a graduate of Rutgers University, with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, and I have a Master's degree in Business as well. I am a true problem solver who naturally seeks the most financially beneficial solution, and I never back down from a challenge, which is why when real estate fell into my lap, I took it and ran with it!

I've been known as a "jack-of-all-trades" because I have a past filled with all kinds of careers in finance, coaching, and even teaching. I have dipped my hands into many things, but I discovered my love for real estate while working in the mortgage industry!


I started in the mortgage world back in 2015 as a Mortgage Processor. I reviewed all kind of documentation - from credit reports to bank statements and paystubs and brought hundreds of clients to the closing table in the tri-state area. While I loved that my job played such a huge role in the homebuying process, I knew I was meant to do more - outside of a cubicle. I made the decision to switch from mortgages to real estate in 2017 and attended real estate school. I passed the exam on the first try with flying colors & never looked back. 


Nearly 5 years later, I'm still here creating homeowners full-time and loving every minute of it! I am building my personal brand as an advocate for every single one of my clients and a resource for anyone who wants to learn. My community has grown to over 15,000 followers between Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and I have so much more in store. I am literally just getting started! I take pride in being honest, reliable, and my authentic self and let others gravitate to me. Honestly, I love it here.

Working with me literally gives you a nice combination of a teacher, a coach, a cheerleader, a mortgage guru & a real estate expert. And that's not a flex, that's the real me. 

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